Georgia is Ideal for Solar

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In an opinion poll conducted by One Block Off the Grid (, 19 out of 23 solar company CEOs said they “strongly agreed” that strengthening state solar policies would lead to more hiring at their companies.

“As soon as Wisconsin lawmakers create stronger solar policies like SRECs here, I can start hiring and putting solar panels on all the homes, farms, and businesses that want them,” said Todd Timmerman of Timmerman’s Talents LLC in Platteville, Wisconsin. “Our state does have some incentives, but not enough to allow me to expand my business the way I’d like.”

“Georgia is ideal for solar, but utilities here have far too much sway over our state energy policy,” said Steve Barker, CEO of Walker Solar Power in Mansfield, Georgia. “Before I can start hiring, lawmakers have to stand up to them and create real solar policies in our state. It’s time.”

What Can You Do?

Call (don’t email) your state government representative

Your state rep has the most power to create the kind of programs that spur job growth quickly, so if you’re only going to make one call, make it at the state government level, not federal. Get contact info at

Make sure your call counts

A staffer will most likely take your call. Tell then, “I’m a voter calling in support of creating stronger renewable energy incentives and programs in our state. I’ve heard that New Jersey and other states have created a lot of new jobs through clean energy incentives. I’s like similar programs in our state.”

If you’re really fired up

You can also call your senators and state representatives in Washington, D.C., repeating all of the above steps. To get their phone numbers, go to or call the main switchboard at 202-225-3121 and ask for your state representative or senator.

Magnify your impact

Encourage your friends and family to make the call. Here’s a sample Facebook status you can use: “I want more jobs created in the U.S., so I called my state representatives in support of stronger clean energy incentives in my state. You should do this, too. Visit: or for contact info.”

Be sure to check out this U.S. Solar Market Map.


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